Monday, October 25, 2010

so many things

Comma is playing with Tera Melos and Giraffes? Giraffes! on nov. 20 at UNH. i made a flyer. it was almost surreal drawing all three names on the same piece of paper. i was all giddy and nervous - but i think i did the event justice. aliens make sense of it.

did the Art Attack in manchester on saturday. saw lots of artist friends, met some new ones, and I even got made some sweet trades.

my new stuff:

Harry Carter

Jillian Hirsch:

and of course, the lovely Amy Bones:

Just when i get sick of using markers, they start to run out of ink. this gives me an excuse to start painting again. i have been thinking in terms of brush strokes lately.... smooth and fluid, i miss that feeling. markers are so constricting sometimes. i enjoy being able to pick up a color instead of mixing it, but i am limited in that same way.

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