Tuesday, November 30, 2010

return to paint

work in progress:

in an attempt to loosen up, i have been painting. slashes, drips, chunks... i'm trying to just let it happen, and love it for what it is. something i am working on in myself too

also, here is Nick and Nathan of Tera Melos wearing my (and Comma's) shirt -

Comma played the best show (i think) ever on the biggest show they've ever played - at UNH with Giraffes? Giraffes! and Tera Melos. I coulda cried. so proud!!

here is a SICK video of the last part of their set - my mom was taping from the side of the stage for the first part. i took the camera from her and thus the trip begins... listen for the "CAN YOU GO TO THE CAR AND GET MY CAPO?" "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" and then me going to find Joe from Giraffes to ask for his capo, following him around to the other side of the stage, then back in front....

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